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Arrival Island in the book Transient Spaces

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In Transit Studio has contributed with the article Arrival Island, featuring works from the In Transit Studio 3 and the project B&B Collective Centre authored by Kaja Strand Ellingsen

Congratulations to Loukia Tsafoulia, Suzan Wines, and Samatha Ong and The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York for initiating, editing, and publishing this important and beautiful book! With contributions from Julio-Salcedo Fernandez, Saskia Sassen, Michael Sorkin, and many others.

Sleeve blurbs by Rahul Mehrorta & Deen Sharp below:

Transient Spaces is a timely primer that makes vivid the new normal – a state for impermanence and transience that is challenging our agency as architects and urbanists. Through its rigorous survey of the emergent landscapes of transience, the book fills a crucial void of bridging place-based inquiry and theoretical reflections that clarify the potential role of critical design in a landscape of flux.

Rather than reproduce yet another set of deigns for better shelter in oppressive refugee camps, Transient Spaces engages the question of displacement, or transience, through a deep historical, geographical, grounded and multidisciplinary framework. This urgent contribution to the politically charged debates around the figure of the refugee does not shy away from the complex and multifaceted approaches that are required to address the critical questions of belonging and displacement and how to aid some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Click here for more information on Transient Spaces including how to obtain a copy.